Sunday, June 21, 2015


... is something we want to avoid.

Debby sent me a link to a few Kickstarters that didn't make it, specifically card games.

Things we noticed that might have impacted their lack of successs.

1. No video.  We think that it's critical that you not only meet the designers, but that you see the card game in action. There will be videos of our game.

2. Lack of information about how the game is played.  I suspect the designers of those games didn't want anyone to steal their ideas.  That is not something I worry about.  As an author I know a bit about copyright laws, and the fact is that as soon as you create original content, whether it's graphical or textual, it's protected by law. Our game will not be stolen, so you can bet we'll share with you how it works. Could someone come close to copying it?  Sure, and you'll never stop that sort of thing.  But we trust you, the consumer, to reward us for our efforts with your good faith.

3. No content. We want to make sure you have plenty of options as the Kickstarter becomes more successful.

Things we will have for you:

  1. A downloadable .pdf scoresheet
  2. An app to electronically score your games. We're not sure if this will be free at all levels of funding, but there will be a level at which it's provided to all supporters. 
  3. A website to share ideas, optional rules, ideas for other games. We want to listen to you, our supporters, because our goal is long term success. 
I'll be the first to admit that I'm an idea guy, and my work comes in surges and starts. But that's why I'm teamed with people who balance that out. Debby is an avid researcher and is constantly sharing ideas that inspire me. Jeff does the same. My wife, bless her heart, she's a brilliant woman who can ferret out any bad gameplay. So we will bring you an excellent game.

We play what we create.  We're all demanding and critical people. If we don't like it, you'll never see it.  That is our promise.

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