The Rules

Here's the quick-start version of the rules for ALL or NOTHING. For complete rules, click the link below. A list of optional rules will be added very soon for your playing pleasure.

  • For 3 or 4 players, deal each player 10 cards. For 5 or 6 players, deal each player 8 cards. Place any leftover cards aside.
  • The player to the left of the dealer bids first. Each player in turn bids All to indicate they wish take all of the tricks, or Nothing to indicate they wish to take no tricks.
  • The first bidder leads, playing any card from their hand. Play continues clockwise, following the suit of the first suited card played. ALL or NOTHING cards may be played at any time. The highest card of the lead suit, or the first un-flipped ALL or flipped NOTHING (more on these below) takes the trick. The player who took that trick leads next. Play continues until every card in the hand is played, one per trick, completing that hand.
  • NOTHING cards start out low, and ALL cards start out high. Numbered cards with gold-colored suit symbols below the numbers instead of black or white symbols are FLIP cards and change the associated ALL or NOTHING card to the opposite state (or changes it back). 2s and 10s of the suit shown on an ALL card flips it to a NOTHING, while 1s and 9s of the suit shown on a NOTHING card flips it to an ALL. FLIP cards need not follow suit when played on their ALL or NOTHING card.
  • Players start with a score of 100. After each hand, subtract 20 points for each Nothing bid made, and 100 points (50 points for team-play) for each All bid made, or add 10 points times the number of tricks the bid was missed by. The first player to zero or the player with the lowest score after 10 hands wins.
Click here to download a .pdf of the complete rules.

And, coming soon to this very spot... <drumroll> Optional Rules!  Stand by for even more fun.

If you develop any optional rules for your household, please feel free to post them up below in the comment section to share them with the ALL or NOTHING community.  They'll FLIP!

1 comment:

  1. I'll start. Optional Rule #1, which you'll see in the downloadable .pdf to come is that only one person (or one team once we explain that) can say ALL during a bidding session. Once someone says ALL, nobody else can bid. If nobody says ALL, the dealer must say ALL no matter what their hand looks like.

    But don't laugh at the poor dealer. You're next.