Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Coming soon!

The ALL or NOTHING front page.

The (hopefully) final proofs have been sent to the publishers. Two proof decks have been ordered, and will be on their way soon, in my hands within a week or two. If those pass muster, the first large deck order will be placed, and the game will be officially released!  Yay!

My wife is in the process of setting up an Amazon seller account, the plan at this time is to put decks into the hands of Amazon so they can sell them for us with their giant marketing machine. Every dime earned from sales will go into stocking the Amazon warehouse with sufficient product to meet demand.

Things to expect to see here:
  1. A few different types of score sheets for different numbers of players and for team play. Don't expect this tomorrow, but it will eventually happen.
  2. A PDF of optional rules from the devs, and a PDF conglomeration of the best (as judged by us) player submitted optional rules. 
  3. Links to buy pre-printed score sheet pads, for those who don't have a printer available.
  4. Once written, an Amazon link will be here for a strategy guide.  Crush your opponent!
  5. If sales are high, more ALL or NOTHING products.
That's it!  Thanks for checking us out. All or Nothing cards is not a one time thing. I'm already working on my next game, and once released it will be available here as well.

So keep checking in!


The newly designed card back

Click here for the score sheet.

Click here for the rules.