Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cars and Cards

One letter different, but worlds of frustration apart.

I love cards. I love the concept, the interplay of the rules, and the gatherings in friendship that cards creates.

I love cars too!  The fun of acceleration, the concentration in a hard corner, the sound of the engine, the smells of petroleum derivatives. I love everything about them. Except the $$$ involved.

My favorite car is sitting in my garage, taunting me with the lack of a water pump. This is no American car, with the $100 repair that a bad water pump would be on Chevy small block. This is a German car. And because of that, you can add a ZERO to pretty much any repair it seems. $984 to put a new water pump on my car.

I was scheduled for Monday to get it repaired. I cancelled that appointment. Why?  Because I have cards. I have cards to play, I have cards to Kickstart, and I have a commitment to my friends to get this game out the door.  That money, it seems to me at this point, is far better spent on cards than cars.

So thank you, cards, for giving me an alternative. Thank you for giving me something that is mostly joy with only occasional moments of frustration, as opposed to joy followed by a grinding noise then continuous frustration.

Thank you cards.


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