Saturday, January 30, 2016

All or Nothing Cards, Inc.

Officially, as of January 1, we are now All or Nothing Cards, Inc.

That is how much confidence we have in the game, spending money to incorporate. It's an extremely interesting process, but not one that I particularly wanted to know in detail, so we hired our accountant to set it up for us. Let's just say we're satisfied and feel we got our money's worth. I'd post a reference for him, but I don't have his permission so won't. Let me know if you need a good accountant in Colorado Springs and I'll send you his way.

We also got our UPC code for the ALL or NOTHING card game. It will be on the next set of prototype cards to come to our door, and if that looks good, on the production run.

So things are moving along although you wouldn't know that by looking at our blog.

Lots of good news for the ALL or NOTHING game. But there is also other news on the game front. The design process is under way for our second game, which at this time is titled Swap Out. Here is a copy of the preliminary logo/card back for that game. Swap Out is a game of partners, so you and your spouse/BFF/BF-GF can work as a team to take down those evil Jones's together. The Jones's being your other BFFs or the neighbors. Or grandma. :)

As always, thanks for stopping by. When I order the production run for ALL or NOTHING, you'll find out first here.

- Damon

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