Monday, April 6, 2015

Who We Are - Posted by Debby

Any enterprise has a who, what, when, where, why and how. This blog addresses who is behind All or Nothing. We four design team members are Damon, Shannon, Jeff and Debby.

Damon is a fiction writer, artist and science geek. While he follows his own muse, he doesn't find the creative process quite complete until he shares his work with others. To keep a game this fun all to himself would be unthinkable. He has even more cool stuff to share on his Damon Alan author page here.

Shannon is a psychiatric nurse with some serious moxie. When she's not working or studying, raising a family or running errands, this girl just wants to have fun. Anyone out there who has ever worked as hard as she does deserves a little fun too. Go ahead, take your mind off your responsibilities for an hour and take all that stress out on your friends. What happens at the card table stays at the card table.

Jeff develops and launches products. He is a tinkerer and hobbyist who loves games. You can't make money; that's illegal. You have to make stuff you are good at making and then get other people to give you their money for it. He thinks this game is frightening but will let the consumer decide.

Debby is a provider of activities for residents in Long Term and Memory Care. She loves helping people reach their full potential. Playing games is so good for us: social interaction, emotional expression, and exercise for our brains. She also likes well designed products in pretty packages. What could be more self-actualizing than helping create and share a game she enjoys herself?

We four play games together once or twice a week to enjoy friendly competition and camaraderie. We hope that All or Nothing will provide hours of awesome fun for you and yours.

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