Sunday, March 22, 2015

So about me...

How's that for a title?

My name is Damon. I'm a retired Air Traffic Controller who really needs a purpose in life. Well, another purpose. I'm the husband of an amazing woman (my partner in this, Shannon) and the father of three incredible young women.

I am a creative monster. Not that I'll speak to how great what I create is, but I love to innovate, solve problems, and use my brain. For those reasons my second career is author, and now game designer.  Okay, I'm going to speak a little about how great what I create is, because All or Nothing is fricking awesome. It wasn't me alone, by any means. It was me who originated the idea, then my wife and I played practice games in our basement haven to work out the rough rules. Then we invited our other two co-creators into the mix and together we all refined the rules. So yeah, I do have a part in creating some really cool stuff.

I'm an artist, I sculpt, draw and paint once in a great while. I love cars, dogs, and computers. I've been known to screw off playing a video game when I should be doing something productive.

I'm also very modest, because that's how cool I am. :p

I also have an extremely cool dog. Extremely cool.  He's often by my side egging me on to get the next project done. Or begging for a Milk Bone. It's so hard to tell dog motives apart.

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